What is Courtyard Escapes?

Can you immerse yourself into the mystery and work together as a team to crack the clues, solve the puzzles and escape before the hour is over? There’s no time to argue when you’re against the clock, so come on in and join the hype.

Our escape rooms are a fun-filled and family-friendly experience. We offer unique team building opportunities, lasting memories and heart-racing, blood-pumping fun for all.

How to play

You are locked in

You will bring nothing in, but the escape room will be filled with useful and sometimes irrelevant objects.

Search for clues

Can you puzzle your way to the intriguing conclusion and escape the room in 60 minutes?

Work as a team

Our escape rooms are great for team-building activities as part of a corporate event.

Escape to complete

The rooms are designed to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere and amazing attention to detail.